Working with Families

We help children and their families to stand up & be strong.

We stand against isolation & fear.

We take a stand, acting with urgency to deliver solutions that make a child’s world a safer, happier and healthier place.

Because a child’s home and family plays a critical role in a child’s world they also require attention to enable children to heal, recover and improve their quality of life.

It is vital that parents and caregivers are prepared to engage in the journey of transformation that promotes child and family change.  As part of supporting the development of the family, we address parent and school interaction patterns that maintain the presenting problems; build problem solving and compassionate communication skills; teach specific skills and create positive connections; increase family resources, school and community support and promote family vision, identity and purpose

Our social workers complete a full family assessment that ensures the needs of the child can be met within the context of their family/whanau.  We provide service brokerage and coordination for the child and family, often engaging the Strengthening Families process, as well as providing specific family development programmes and parent education alongside the work with the child.  These can be delivered in the home, residential at our children’s village, one-on-one or in groups.


Family ROI

Just as a business measures success in terms of its Return on Investment (ROI), a family can measure success by the return its members receive from investing in each other and their shared future.  Just as successful companies do, families can achieve greater longer-term success by defining their own unique vision, setting goals and executing a plan to achieve them.  The Family ROI Experience enables families to learn and practice this important process efficiently and effectively.

Family ROI Purpose:

To help families discover their own power to reach their dreams and strengthen their communities

by applying proven business principles to revitalise, focus and strengthen families

 Family ROI Objectives:

  • Spend meaningful time together as a family
  • Create a shared vision of their life
  • Celebrate their uniqueness
  • Discover ways to improve their day to day lives
  • Make exciting plans for the future
  • Have fun together!

 Family ROI Philosophy:

  • The most important work we ever do is with our family
  • A family can measure success by the return its members receive when investing time, energy and love in each other and their shared future
  • When creating a family’s mission, culture and practices all family members, young and old  should be involved in the process together
  • Families learn and create best when they are engaged, active and involved
  • Child friendly language is used as much as possible
  • Families need space and privacy and outdoor areas to walk and talk, to “get away” from day to day distractions and enjoy time with their family
  • Preparation is critical for understanding participant’s needs

The Family ROI Experience is facilitated by trained Stand Children’s Services Facilitators who share passion and dedication to strengthening families, have expertise in communications, family relations, organisational development, personal assessment and facilitation with groups.

Models for Family ROI delivery include the following options:

  • Multiple families together or
  • One family on its own
  • A Full Weekend Intensive Programme Experience or
  • Weekend Options – held over Two Saturdays for example or
  • Weekday Options – held over Four evenings

Venues can include:

  • At Stand Children’s Services facilities
  • In conference centre/motel environments
  • In schools
  • In homes

Download our ROI Information Sheet for further details.


SKIP - Strategies with Kids, information for Parents

Strategies with Kids – Information for Parents (SKIP) is a MSD service that provides support, information and parenting strategies for parents and caregivers of 0–5 year olds.


SKIP's vision is for all children in New Zealand to be raised in a positive way by parents and caregivers who feel confident about managing children's behaviour as part of a loving, nurturing relationship. Stand Children's Services incorporates many of their resources in working with families.

More Information and Resources can be found on the SKIP website