Our Rebrand

From April 2013, Te Puna Whaiora Children’s Health Camps became known as ‘Stand Children’s Services’.  Our new Maori name became Tu Maia Whanau which describes the type of stand we make – instinctive, confident, bold.  We have chosen to rename the organisation in order to be clear about our unique contribution and strengths in our work with children and families.

Stand continued to operate all of the existing services in schools, in homes, at our residential facilities and remains deeply connected to New Zealand’s communities

Stand’s vision – a world strong with children

We stand together to bring hope to New Zealand’s most vulnerable children.
We help children and their families to stand up & be strong.
We stand against isolation & fear.
We take a stand, acting with urgency to deliver solutions that make a child’s world
a safer, happier and healthier place.

We nurture the dreams and aspirations of our nation’s children, allowing them to
find their turangawaewae ‘their place to stand’.

“We stand together to bring hope to New Zealand’s most vulnerable children.” This is at the core of Stand’s vision.

Stand’s new visual identity is about having visibility in making this stand; it makes us visible to colleagues also providing health, education and social services for children, it makes us visible to our stakeholders and it makes us visible on behalf of the children we are helping, who have the right to privacy and protection as they heal.

Stand’s new visibility through our colours, brand and style will also bring visibility to the issues facing our most vulnerable children who are at significant risk of harm to their wellbeing, now and into the future, as a consequence of the environment in which they are being raised, and in some cases, due to their own complex needs.

This will also contribute to the wider visibility of efforts to combat these issues as the Children’s Action Plan is implemented arising from the Government’s 2012 White Paper for Vulnerable Children.

In 2013, Stand worked to help the Government deliver on initiatives introduced as a result of the recommendations in that paper. The Paper has signalled change in the systems and processes used by social service providers for children – Stand for Children is ready to meet that change.

We would like to acknowledge Insight’s extremely generous contribution to the rebranding project.  Insight have allowed us to renew and refresh our identity and story, without having to direct funds away from where they are needed most.  The entire concept, naming and rebranding design was all done pro bono by Insight.